Spencer Zahn’s Statues I is a return to the hushed palette of solo piano lyricism. This focused sparseness comes after the sprawling, lushness of his critically acclaimed 2022 album, Pigments, with Dawn Richard. Living life centered around writing, Zahn sets aside a window each day to play the piano and find beauty in its details. Statues I is the first chapter of an ambitious double-album.


The second half of Spencer's contemporary opus was actually completed before the first, working out of his home studio in Kingston, NY. Hints of synthesizer seep between silences; fragments of different sessions emerge and overlap; horns are reharmonized, then set aloft like paper lanterns; tunings wobble up or down an octave, embracing the malleable, the liquid, the hope springing eternal. Zahn’s vision is fluid, but grounded by heart.

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December 1, 2023
Infinite Echo Remixes

Seahawks release their new remix EP, comprised of edits by some of Japan’s most singular producers. Tune into their Dublab show Dec 3 for a bespoke live mix of the EP along with material that influeced their far-east body of work. Listen HERE.

December 8, 2023
Jensen Sportag: A New Anthology From Cascine

A New Anthology from Cascine features 12 tracks handpicked from the extensive Sportag archive, capturing their signature collage of future funk, adult contemporary and disco. A palette of sounds echoing the wistful radiance of 80s slow jams and Y2K R&B. Listen HERE

March 7, 2024
Sui Zhen

Longstanding label fam Sui Zhen unveils her new single "Sleepless" via Cascine and Dot Dash. The song is a 13 minute meditation on the arc of grief. The track stretches out like a horizon, more a landscape than song, mirroring the way anguish warps our perception of time. Listen HERE.

November 17, 2023
Spencer Zahn
Statues II

Out today ~ Statues II is the second half of Zahn's contemporary opus. The double-album is pieced together like a puzzle, using fluctuating moments and tonal centers, accruing a sum far greater than its parts. Its title, too, mirrors a fascination with the sculpted, with the fleeting made permanent. On the album Spencer says “a statue is a monument to a thing that was ...

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