Grazer returns with their debut album “Melancholics Anonymous.” The LP is preceded by three singles: “These Days (Pass Me By),” “The Lonely Example,” and “I Want Control.” 

“These Days” is a dreamy, post-punk groove that draws on Grazer’s classic recipe of melodic riffs, high basslines and echoing male and female vocals. Driven by an innovative percussion section, the song explores the bittersweet nostalgia of fleeting moments. 

“The Lonely Example” is an upbeat, dreampop shoe-in made memorable by its warbling, aquatic riffs, and breathy, intimate vocals. The hook “talk to me” is a tongue-in-cheek reference to Mollie’s exasperation at (some) men’s seemingly incessant stoicism. 

“I Want Control” blends garage-rock and lo-fi, in a defiant anthem for the disaffected youth. The hook and title are emblematic of both a personal and political struggle with self-realisation. We often feel like strangers in our bodies and the world. 

"Sometimes a band with this attention to aesthetic tend towards style over substance but listen to this record and tell me Grazer aren't delivering both?" -Tommy Faith (Triple J)